4 Reasons Why You Should Take a Winter Camping Trip in the South

Pack your bags and fly south for the winter – or at least head out in your new or used RV for a fantastic winter camping trip in the south. Not convinced? Here are a few reasons you should totally take a winter camping trip in the southern states.

The Weather

This one may seem pretty obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. You won’t find snowstorms depositing multiple feet of snow down south. You will find warm and balmy days, and depending on where you go, you might also find yourself wearing shorts and flipflops (hope you didn’t put up all of your summer clothes into storage! You’ll need them).

Winter Camping in the South

Even if you’re not heading to the deep south, just heading a bit south can thaw out that frozen feeling we all already have.

Warm Weather, No Mosquitoes

Unless you’re heading straight to Florida swamps, you can enjoy warm, balmy weather that is just cold enough to eliminate mosquitoes and other pests.

Winter Camping in the South

Off Season Specials

The perks of vacationing in the south in the winter are many: like less traffic, shorter wait times for reservations, and even off-season discounts on different entertainment options. Fewer tourists, too, which means you might be able to enjoy the scenery of some National Parks with more scenery and fewer people.

Winter Camping in the South

Less Winter Camping Gear

Fall and spring camping trips usually require plenty of extra gear to accommodate for sudden rain showers. And winter camping in a cold climate is its own rodeo as far as needed gear and cargo. But winter camping in the south? It’s just about the easiest it can get. Think the ease of summer packing with the relaxing temperatures of the spring (but probably still less rain). It’s a win-win, all around!

Before You Go

Traveling anywhere in the winter requires extra care, and hauling or driving a new or used RV is no exception – even if you’re headed to warmer temps! Contact us today. We can schedule some RV service before you go and make sure your RV is ready to hit the road!

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