4 RV Tips for First Time RVers

Are you new to RVing? We can help you get on the road safely – and with plenty of confidence and peace of mind. Check out our RV tips for first time RVers below!

Take Multiple Test Drives

Hear us out: the best way to get a lot of practice is to practice a lot. The more you take your new or used RV for a test drive, the more comfortable you will feel. Practice backing up, making turns, braking, and general maneuvering. Empty parking lots and quiet country roads make good test drive landscape, so set aside some time and head out! And then head out again.

RV Tips

Keep a Healthy Distance  

Give yourself the gift of a safe drive! Slow down – even a few miles under the speed limit. Putting some distance between you and other vehicles means more reaction time, more safety, and fewer potentially dangerous mistakes. Getting to your destination safely is worth the extra time it takes!

RV Tips

Listen to Mother (Nature)

If sudden strong weather takes you by surprise, respect it. Heavy winds and storms can impact towing an RV and make it more difficult. Don’t hesitate to pull off, check the radar, and wait out a storm.

RV Tips

Focus, Focus, Focus

When you’re driving or towing an RV, you have one job: focus on the road! Eliminate distractions. That means texting and social media can wait – no excuses. Also, make sure you get plenty of rest the night before a long driving stretch. Avoid any substances that may make you drowsy, impede your vision, or affect your ability to drive. Alcohol should be avoided, but some prescription medications can also make you drowsy. Pay attention to your common side effects and plan your road trip accordingly. Make smart choices around stimulants, too. There’s nothing wrong with a little bit of caffeine, but energy drinks can affect your heart rate and vision. Stick to a soft drink or coffee for a safer option.

RV Tips

We’d love to help you find the right new or used RV that’s perfect for your family and helps you feel comfortable on the road. Stop in or contact us today!

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