4 RV Tips for Saving Money on Gas

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that traveling in a new or used RV gives you! Even with fuel prices what they are, you can still travel affordably and save money on your vacation. Check out our RV tips for improving gas mileage below and start saving money at the pump!

RV Tips

Slow & Steady

Keep your acceleration steady and ease out of full stops. Rapid and unsteady acceleration is hard on your RV’s fuel economy. Likewise, once you’re at a steady cruise, maintain your speed using cruise control and overdrive when you can.

Every Ounce Counts

Pay attention to what you’re packing. Chances are, you can trim off some pounds before you even leave the driveway. For example, don’t drive with a full fresh tank of water. Travel only with the fresh water you need to get there, and fill ‘er up once you arrive. Choose lightweight versions of heavyweight camping gear, and don’t pack firewood (buy any firewood you may need when you get there). Groceries also weigh a lot, so travel with the necessities and do a quick grocery shopping trip after you set up camp.

Stay Close to Home

Picking a camping destination that’s close to home is a great way to save big bucks on fuel! Not only do you spend less time on the road – and less money on fuel – but you can also use that saved time on having more fun at your actual destination. It’s a win-win all around!

RV Service

Staying up to date on your RV service helps save money on fuel! How? Drained batteries, low tire pressure, and clogged air filters are just three things that can cause your engine to overcompensate, working harder than it needs to, and get fewer miles per gallon. A quick RV service tune up can help keep your RV in pristine condition with fantastic fuel economy.

We can help you tackle this last tip. Contact us today to schedule some RV service for your new or used RV!

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