4 RV Tips for Spending the Holidays in Your RV

Spending the holidays in your RV? Here are a few RV tips for making it special and cozy, merry and bright!

RV Tips

The Throw Blanket

One of the best ways you can dress up a living room area in your new or used RV is with a pop of color. Grab a throw blanket in your favorite seasonal colors and make your living room a little bit warmer and brighter!

RV Tips

The Scented Candle

Scented candles aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but when it’s yours, well, it’s a very good cup of tea. Did you know that scent is processed by the same area in the brain that processes memory? That’s why familiar, comforting smells usually have a sentimental affect. Grab a couple of scented candles that bring up good memories. If you prefer something that’s not artificial, decorate with an orange dotted with whole cloves. As it dries, it releases a warm, spicy fragrance. Mm-mm good!

RV Tips

The Cuppa Tea

Speaking of that cup of tea…fill your RV pantry with a good assortment of hot drinks. Coffee, teas, hot cocoas, and even powdered cider waiting for a mug of warm water to be swirled into. There’s nothing better than curling up with a cozy drink in front of the fireplace!

RV Tips

The Mini Décor

We get it: available space in your RV can be limited, and you may feel like you can’t really decorate the way you normally would at home. So, reduce things to miniature sizes! Swap a full-size tree for a tabletop sized one you can place next to the fireplace.

RV Tips

Or go super minimal by switching it for a tabletop advent wreath.

RV Tips

Let visiting grandkids add window gummy or vinyl cling stickers to dress up the windows. And don’t forget to add a festive garland to your power awning!

These quick tips for spending the holidays in your RV can help refresh your perspective and give you a good starting place for making your RV festive. What are some of your best holiday tips for RVers? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today!

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