5 Tips For Shopping Pre-Owned RVs

5 Tips For Shopping Pre-Owned RVs

Buying a pre-enjoyed camper is very common for the majority of RV owners. There is a ton of great benefits to buying a pre-owned RV, and that includes the very attractive price tag! However, it can be a little difficult finding exactly what you’re looking for. If you have specific featured in mind it can be hard to find everything that you want. Dealers don’t have the freedom to customize their used inventory, because they don’t order it from the manufacturer. So, many times shoppers have to look around for a long period of time at a variety of different dealers till they can find their ideal choice. And even then, some buyers end up settling.

So, is there a way to prevent months or even years of searching for the right RV? Well I can tell you there are definitely strategies to narrowing down the search! So, check out these tips to shopping for a pre-owned RV.

1. Keep An Open Mind – As said before it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for in a used camper. Accessories or furniture are things that can be added with an additional cost. So just be conscious that you can’t always get every option you are hoping for, and if certain options are really important to you then buying used might be the better choice.

2. Wait Till An RV Show Ends – Yes that may sound weird. And it never hurts to check out an RV show because you never know what you may find. But, a lot of people will buy at an RV show and most of the time they have a trade in. That means a dealer will have a ton of pre-owned inventory coming onto their lot after a show from new buyers. Its a good idea to keep an eye-out for incoming trades by checking dealers websites post show!

3. Avoid Elderly RVsWe understand for financial reasons a pre-owned RV is a better option. However, its best to avoid anything older than 2009. There are always exceptions, but the older an RV gets the more it is prone to damage. And no one wants to buy a camper that has costly repairs.

4. Do Some ResearchIf you find some campers of interest to you, try researching that particular model and year. You will be able to see other buyers reviews and that may help your decision.

5. Ask Questions – Be sure to always ask any questions you have, that is what your salesperson is for. Know what you are buying before you sign the paperwork!

If you’re in the market for a pre-owned camper remember these strategies to smooth your buying process. The hunt for the perfect camper does not have to be hard, just be a smart buyer and you’ll be in luck!

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