A Towable vs Motorhome – What’s better?

A Towable vs Motorhome – What’s better?

As a dealer we get this question a lot… “What is better, a towable or a motorhome?” Well there is no right answer! It is all the buyers preference, but there are some factors that come into play. We broke-down both towables and motorhomes for you to help you compare or contrast the two.

Towable Pro’s

Towables are great for all kinds of camping. You might be looking for a weekend trip away or planning on staying somewhere long-term, there’s a towable for all kinds of camping styles. A towable RV is also perfect for weeklong adventures and destination sites. Further more, if you don’t plan a cross-country journey across America year-round, then a towable would be a good fit for you.  

  • They’re usually lower in pricing: Yes its true, since towables don’t have an engine – towables vary in all price ranges and commonly cost less than motorhomes.
  • Wide Variety: When shopping for an RV you’ll find that there is almost an unlimited amount of options to choose from. There truly is an option to fit every type of RVer.
  • No Engine To Maintenance: With big engines come a lot of expensive maintenance which is something you never have to worry about with a trailer or fifth wheel (other than your tow vehicle). Overall, in most cases the cost of maintenance on a towable is lower.
  • Your More Mobile: If you need to make a quick grocery trip you can easily unattached your tow vehicle and be on your way. It’s also easy to explore nearby attractions or indulge in local excursions.
  • More Floorplan Options: Because towables don’t have an engine to worry about they have a wide variety of floorplan types. This can also give you more room with different layout and slideout options.
  • Towables Are Relatively Lightweight. In general, most trailers are lighter than motorhomes. Yes, there are some outrageously heavy towables out there, but usually you have a less intimidating option to pull. This is beneficial because you don’t have to worry about campground restrictions or a driver having a specific license.


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Towable RV Con’s:

  • Tow Vehicles: Unless you have a destination trailer, you must have a vehicle strong enough tow your trailer. If you don’t have a tow vehicle, this may add some financial strain to your buying options. You first need to purchase a vehicle and that may limit your budget for an RV.
  • Time Consuming: In some cases, it can take more time to set up and take down campsite.
  • On The Road Safety: Depending on the weather, it can be difficult to drive in threatening weather. If road conditions are poor, and/or wind speeds are high – it can be hard to control the trailer you are towing – This is also why a motorhome could be a better option for cross country trips.
  • Tends To Be Lower In Quality: This isn’t always the case, but towables are usually of inferior build quality, compared with motorhomes. Expect things to deteriorate a bit faster, especially in trailers.


Motorhome Pro’s

If you’re the type of person who likes to pick up and go at anytime and enjoy the thought of living a nomadic lifestyle on the road– then a motorhome may be for you. Whether you’re looking to go big with a Class A model or small with a Class B or Class C, there’s an option for everyone.

  • Great For The Long-Term: Motorhomes are perfect for traveling across counrty. Most Full-timers and/or Retirees looking to see the whole country looking to explore the country with the comforts of home invest in a motorized RV. 
  • Passengers Can Move About The Cabin: Yes it’s true, passengers are free to make a snack, watch a movie and even use the bathroom while on the road.
  • They Are Usually higher Quality: There are always exceptions, but usually motorhomes tend to be better made than towables. The materials aren’t so cheap, the insulation is better, and they’re just more durable in general.
  • You Can Tow A Vehicle Behind It: Instead of having a large tow vehicle to get around town, you can tow your small sedan behind your motorhome so you can run quick errands. (You can tow a truck too of course!)
  • Quicker Set-Up & Take-Down: In most cases, you have a built in level system and generator. You can roll into a campground and set up for the night without ever stepping outside the door!
  • They Tend To Be Easier To Drive: Not in all cases, but motorhomes can be easier to operate. If you compare side-by-side same-length setups, motorhomes don’t have to take turns as widely as fifth wheels and travel trailers do. Also in windy whether conditions, unless you have a trailer attached to your motorhome, you don’t have to worry about a swaying trailer.

Motorhome Con’s

  • Backing Up Is a Big No If Trailering. If you choose to tow a car behind, you should avoid reversing at all costs! In order to back up, you’ll have to unhitch the tow vehicle.
  • The Driving & Passenger Seats Take Space: Unlike in a towable, some motorhomes living space is lost due to the driving/operating seats.
  • Pricey: In most cases, because you’re also buying an engine, motorhomes are more expensive not only to buy, but maintenance too.
  • Loss Of Height: Comparing it to a fifth wheel, motorhome ceilings are much lower to your living space which can make it seem a bit cramped.
  • Travel Restrictions: Some people may not feel comfortable towing a vehicle behind their motorhome. This can lead to someone being restricted to their campsite without having a vehicle to drive.

In the end, it comes down to your preference. We know many people who have had both and prefer one over the other. There’s also folks who have had both and loved both types! If you are deciding between a towable RV or a motorized RV hopefully this breakdown can shed some light on your final purchase decision. In the end, you still get the joy of camping with either option!

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