Boating Tips: How to Winterize Your Boat

As the summer draws to a close, it’s getting to be time to winterize your boat for the season. This is a relatively easy task, and you can do it yourself using these easy boating tips. If you’d rather have our team of professionals look at your boat and schedule your boat winterization with our service center.

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Clean the Boat Thoroughly and Check for Issues

The first thing you want to do before storing your boat for the winter is thoroughly clean it. Start by removing it from the water and taking all personal items out. Then power wash the sides and all of the exterior. Be sure to check for issues like damage to your hull and anywhere that needs repairs.

Use a Fuel Stabilizer and Fog Your Engine

Next, you will need to fill your engine with a high-quality stabilizer. Talk to your boat dealer about which stabilizers they recommend for your boat type, and then once you’ve added the stabilizer, run the engine to ensure the stabilizer is spread throughout. Then, fog your engine using your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Change the Oil, Filters, and Remove the Battery

Disconnect and remove the battery from your boat and store it in a dry place. Then, change the oil and oil filters.

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Drain All of the Wells and Water Systems

Next, you’re going to want to drain all of the wells and water systems. Included the freshwater tank and plumbing on the boat and any hoses or water-related accessories to prevent freezing and bursting over the winter.

Remove Personal Items, Cover, and Store

Empty out all of the storage spaces of any personal items, including lifejackets, towels, sunscreen, and anything else you might keep regularly on your boat. These things can be damaged over time while the boat is in storage, so it’s best to keep them separate. Then cover your boat and store it.

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Schedule a Boat Winterization with Our Boat Service Department

Although you can take an afternoon to take on the task of winterizing your boat yourself, scheduling a boat service with Meyer’s Boats is an excellent way to save yourself time and get the peace of mind you deserve.
Contact us for more information on any of the incredible boats for sale at Meyer’s Boats today.

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