Haunted RV Campgrounds

Haunted RV Campgrounds

In the spirit of spooky Halloween, we thought it would be fun to tell you some ghost stories. But, not just any ghost stories, these are the spookiest RV campgrounds in America! So sit back and enjoy these scary campfire legends.

 1. Lake Morena Campground IN San Diego, CA

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Critics of Lake Morena comment on the gorgeous views of the 3,250 acres of chaparral, oak woods and grassland located southwest of the Laguna Mountains. There you will find 86 mixed-used campsites for RVs, trailers and tents, walk/bike-in trails, playgrounds, fishing, boating, hiking and wildlife watching. But, you may see more than the beautiful wildlife that surrounds you…

According to local lore, Lake Morena also has an elusive resident ghost, none other than a young lady in a white dress. The ghost is usually described as a woman dressed in white, doomed to wander the fringes of the Laguna Mountains until her earthly business is settled. Campers say they hear a woman’s strange singing and laughter linger. Other campers have felt a cold and eerie presence when visiting the woods. Your best chances of seeing her is in the wooded area across from the campsites during the night. If you’re feeling brave enough take a walk around the lake in the late night, maybe the ghost of Lake Morena is just lonely and looking for some company.

2. Antietam Creek Campground in Hagerstown, MD

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What if I told you there is a campground located near the bloodiest battle of the Civil War? Would you think its haunted? Well, there is one and its Antietam Creek in Maryland. Located just a few miles from where one of the biggest Civil War fighting took place, resulting in 23,000 men died, visitors at the campsite have reportedly seen ghostly soldiers, heard the sound of firing guns, cannons and the rattle of military drummers.

These two fences surrounding the narrow country road, now called Bloody Lane, separates the two farms where Union and Confederate troops formed opposing lines. If you’re feeling really gutsy, take a stroll down Bloody Lane once the sun sets…

3. The Canyon Motel RV Park

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Are you ready for this one? The Canyon Motel & RV Park provides a different experience for visitors than your usual campground. There are two train cabooses, one from 1929 and a rail car from the 1950s. Each of these train cars are now available for an overnight stay. Over the past few years, there has been an increasing amount of guests that have reported strange occurrences in their overnight Caboose visits. The owners even had “ghost haunters” have  a stay in their Cabooses.

There have been reports of strange sounds in the night, lights going on and off for no reason, and frequent temperature changes. Some of the house keepers have heard voices and whispering. Visitors have even seen the spectral conductor swinging his lantern in the windows! 

Sounds like its time to pack up and pay a visit to the old conductor of Canyon Motel and RV Park, are you in?

4. Braley Pond in West Augusta, VA

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By day Braley Pond is attracts hikers and campers with dispersed campsites, a pond, and a nearby creek. During the daylight hours, it’s peaceful. You have your benches, fire ring, and the tranquility of complete silence of the woods. By night however, things begin to change…

Due to a horrific murder and other deaths in the past years, there are many different stories about the ghost that haunts Braley Pond. Some say you can see a spirit hovering over the creek. Others say you can hear the mysterious laughter of children. One account claims that staying here overnight drove a paranormal investigator insane. One of the investigators claims that something stayed with him after his time there. Another said she felt like she was touched by something, and that feeling will never go away…

So, if you’re feeling brave enough to camp at Braley Pond, just make sure you aren’t alone…

5. The Holy Ghost Campground in Sante Fe, NM

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What campground with the name “ghost” in it isn’t haunted? Legend has it Holy Ghost Canyon, is haunted by a spirit of a priest killed by Pueblo people in the late 1680s. It is said he was killed when the pueblo people were trying to defend their people during colonization. Visitors a told to bring flashlights and scary campground tails when visiting Holy Ghost Campground. For this campground isn’t just known for its beautiful views, you may find yourself hearing mysterious noises and eerie lights at night. Only the bravest campers will spend a weekend here, but whatever you do… don’t hike alone.

6. Big Moose Lake, Adirondacks, NY

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This beautiful and peaceful campground located in the remote area of the Adirondacks, is home to premium fishing, hiking, hunting and much more. But, that’s not what it is only home to…

Big Moose Lake is said to be haunted by the late Grace Brown who died in 1906. The story goes that 18-year-old Brown was working at a skirt factory where she became chummy with the owners charming nephew, Chester Gillette. They started a secret relationship and it wasn’t until Brown became pregnant that things took a turn for the worst. With fear of a child out of wedlock, she begged Gillette to propose. He then promised he’d take her on a trip, presumably to propose. They traveled to upstate New York and decided to paddle a canoe onto the lake. Brown “mysteriously” fell to her death in the Lake, unable to swim. Gillette was arrested within days and eventually sentenced to death. 

Since then, there have been strange sightings of Grace Brown lurking quietly around Big Moose Lake. Witnesses state they have seen her falling from the boat into the lake, others say they have seen her walking along the lakeshore. Her spirit also haunts several tourist cottages near the lake, flickering lights and making strange sounds. Most reports say when they came across Brown they felt overwhelmingly sad. For poor Grace only wanted true love, and won’t leave till she finds it…

7. The Heceta Head Lighthouse in Florence, OR

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Heceta Head Lighthouse in Florence, Oregon is so breath taking, one caretaker just couldn’t get herself to leave. The lighthouse was constructed in 1892, it was automated in 1963 and added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Then, was closed in 2011 for extensive restorations. Now a gorgeous bed-and-breakfast, the legend has it that Rue, a former resident and employee, still haunts the lighthouse, keeping up her duties in the afterlife. The story on why Rue haunts the halls of Heceta is unclear, but tales date back to at least the 1950s when people staying at the house reported strange incidents.

There are common reports of strange noises, lights flickering, dishes rattling and objects moving on their own. Others say they have heard a woman screaming in the night. In some occasions she has sat down on freshly made beds, and only a few times she’s been seen appearing to handymen who are working on the property.

You can book a room in the lighthouse if you are looking for a creepy night, or you can camp on the beach near the lighthouse at the Carl G. Washburne Memorial State Park. Take a hike along the trail leading up to the Heceta Head Lighthouse and maybe you’ll come across Rue yourself.

We hope you enjoyed these ghost tales, and who knows maybe you’ll be the next camper to whiteness these hauntings… Happy Halloween! 

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