Thaw Out with a Road Trip South: Check Out This Balmy Winter Camping Destination

Winter having you feeling chilled to the bone and grey days keeping you depressed? Thaw out with a road trip south in your new or used RV! Nothing will warm you up and lift up your spirits like sunny, balmy Florida as a winter camping destination! Get a boost of vitamin D, soak in the sunshine, and thaw out while visiting Everglades National Park!

Winter Camping Destination

About the Park


That’s Everglades National Park in a single word! Nine distinct ecosystems are present at Everglades National Park – a stunning, subtropical wonderland. This is a great time of year to visit, too, because the dry season runs through March. You can learn all about Everglades National Park here.

Winter Camping Destination

Things to Do

Hike, bike, and kayak. Explore the landscape and photograph the wildlife. The Everglades truly has something for everyone in the family to enjoy! Plus, it’s a great family-friendly stop to help your kids learn about endangered species, climate change concerns, and how we can responsibly take care of our planet and all who live here. Explore more recreation opportunities at Everglades National Park here.

Winter Camping Destination

Camping at the Everglades

You’re in luck – there are several campground options at Everglades National Park! Take a look at the RV camping options here, then call to make a reservation!

Winter Camping Destination

Before You Go

Florida is definitely a long haul from here, so give yourself the gift of peace of mind and schedule some RV service before you hit the road.  Many people keep their RV in storage over the winter, but we can help you get your RV road-ready for not just a longer drive, but a gradual change in climate.  Contact us today with any questions you may have about getting on the road or to make an RV service appointment – or for help shopping for or financing a new or used RV! Happy holidays from our family to yours!

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