The Ultimate Fall Camping Check List

The Ultimate Fall Camping Check List

We all know fall in the Northeast is a special time of year that everyone should experience. So, what could be better than camping out in the beautiful outdoors full color and that crisp autumn air? It’s definitely a trip worth taking, and if you read last weeks article, you know there are endless fall activities for everyone!  

However, camping in the fall is a lot different than summer camping. For one, its a bit chillier! So what should you pack for a fall camping trip? Well we have you covered. Here is the ultimate fall camping checklist for any RVer!

Fall RV Camping Check List:

1. Pick Your Destination – There are tons a beautiful fall camping destinations scattered across the Northeast, so pick one or a few and book your trip! Click here to find one now!

2.  Check The Weather – Fall weather fluctuates quickly. Always check the forecasts ahead of time specific to the parks or campgrounds you plan to visit and pack accordingly.

3.  Check Your Rig – After a long season of camping in the summer months, there is usually some ware and tear in your camper. Scan for leaks, cracks, and any damage and maintenance if necessary. Also check fluid levels, slide rooms and breaks.  Check and Clean the Furnace – If this is your first time taking the RV out this Fall, you probably haven’t used the furnace for several months. S,o you should definitely inspect and clean all ducts, vents, and test the operation of the furnace. Also, check the batteries in your carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.

4.  Pack a Weather Proof Sleeping Bag – Make sure you bring a sleeping bag that will protect you from the extreme weather elements. For example, one labeled for 0-30 degrees F. There’s nothing worse than freezing through the night!

5.  Bring Extra Blankets – It is always a good idea to bring extra blankets when it starts to get chilly out. Once the sun goes down the evenings can drop into the 40’s! So if you’re planning to hangout by the campfire or need a few extra layers in bed, be sure to bring extra warmth!

6.  Bring Layered Clothing – Layers is key to staying comfortable in fluctuating temperatures. Better to over pack than being unprepared! Wool, fleece and synthetic materials will help keep you warm and dry. Some essential items include:

• thermal underwear, or base layers
• fleece jacket, wool shirt/sweater or other synthetic layer for warmth
• wind and water resistant outer jacket
• winter cap, for daytime use and for sleeping
• gloves/mittens, plus an extra pair in case first pair gets wet
• winter jacket (even if the weather is predicted to be warm)
• sturdy waterproof boots
• extra shoes and plenty of extra dry socks
• rain gear
• plenty of changes of clothing so that you can dry out damp clothing when needed

7.  Insect Repellent – Even when it’s chilly, you want to avoid being bit by pesky insects. 

8. Pack Food Accordingly – With colder temperatures you’ll want to pack meals that are appropriate. Remember, cooking times may take longer, so make sure you allow more time for cooking meals.

9. Bring a Crockpot or Dutch Oven – Both great for delicious warm easy to make meals.

10. Stock Up on Firewood – Dry firewood can be tough to find in the fall, so stock up on your own. It is one less thing to worry about and you know you’re prepared ahead of time.

11. Be Prepared For Rain (Or Snow) – Line your backpacks with plastic garbage bags to keep out moisture. It’s always a good idea to bring extra bags to protect other items as well.

Always be prepared for anything when camping. These helpful tips should make your fall camping season fun and enjoyable! Fall is the perfect time of year for some great camping adventures. You’re definitely going to want to make the best of it! Click here to check out some awesome campgrounds and fall activities you should do this season. Happy fall ya’ll!


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