Things to Know Before Purchasing a Fifth Wheel RV

Do you Need a Fifth Wheel?

The biggest advantage to the fifth wheel is that it minimizes risk of your RV swaying behind your towing vehicle, improved turn radius, and a little easier to handle. Many trailer drivers eventually lean towards the fifth wheel trailers due to the added options.

  • Fifth wheels typically have more space than other RVs, mainly because of the additional slideout options
  • They are usually a little easier to handle

Fifth wheel travel trailers definitely require a particular towing vehicle and hitch system, so before you go jump in headfirst to a new decision about fifth wheel ownership, you’ll definitely need to make sure your towing vehicle can handle it.

At our RV dealerships in NY and PA, we can help you find the right towing vehicle and fifth wheel combination, walk you through the different weight classes, and help you find the right fifth wheel to match your towing vehicle, budget, and driving lifestyle for vacationing and road tripping.

Which Fifth Wheel is Right for You?

Determining which fifth wheel is right can be tricky. A lot of people go with fifth wheel toy haulers so they can take their motorcycles, ATVs, or other items with them wherever they go. We certainly enjoy the toy haulers and love talking to our customers about all the cool things they plan to take with them on road trips and camping trips.

Since fifth wheels can vary greatly in price, we recommend you search through our fifth wheel inventory to find one you like and then give us a call or fill out a form on our site to let us know how we can help!

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