Tips for Shopping at America’s Largest RV Show

Tips for Shopping at America’s Largest RV Show

America’s Largest RV Show, or the Hershey RV Show is welcomed back to Pennsylvania this month starting September 11th through the 15th. And if you’ve never shopped this RV show, you’re in for an overwhelming experience! So what should you expect? We’re here to give you the run down on the best and most efficient way to shop the Hershey RV Show. After all, you can’t go into an RV show of 1,400 RVs without a game plan! 

The Hershey show is a great opportunity for all types of RV buyers. It gives the public a chance to get exclusive deals on the newest models and floor plans from all manufacturers in the industry. The show is definitely worth attending, but if not prepared can leave you completely exhausted and utterly confused. Take it from us… we go every year!

So don’t panic, the Hershey RV Show is definitely fun and exciting. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the Hershey RV shopping experience. 

1.  Things To Know Before You Go

Do Your Research – With over 1,400 RVs on display and thousands of other people attending, it’s important to know what you are in the market for before you visit. Identify what elements are most important to you: price, floorplan, type, make etc. The more you narrow down your search prior is best! Are you looking for a Class A, travel trailer or fifth wheel? Some shoppers we’ve run into over the years come with specific models and floorplan types picked out. 

However, if you don’t know what you are searching for specifically you should give yourself a few days to see everything you feel is beneficial. Don’t rush or try to cram it all into one day, because that’s almost impossible!

Buy Tickets Online – Skip the line because well, it’s long! Also if you purchase tickets online you actually get a discount.

Click here to buy tickets online. 

Stay Close By – There are a variety of great hotels and campgrounds near Hershey Park. Last week our featured blog post topic was on the best campgrounds around Hershey Park. 

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Check Your Bags – There is security at the gate so make sure you check your belongings! Things can be confiscated or returned to your car. ( then you have to wait in line all over again! )

Click here to review Hershey’s security guidelines

Arrive Early – You’ll want to get there as early as possible! The Giant Center is HUGE and packed with tons of vendors, and the RV displays take up 28 football fields! So give yourself plenty of time and map out where you want to go. Use the map to your advantage and find the displays you want to see. Be comfortable, wear supportive shoes and light clothing, you will be doing a ton of walking and it’ll be hot.

Bring A Camera/ Pen and Paper – With everything the Hershey RV Show has to offer, you’ll want to remember the important details. Whether its a price, floor plan, brand etc. bring something so you can document so you can look back on.

2.  While You’re There

Search By Manufacturer – If you don’t know where to start it’s always a great rule of thumb to search by manufacturer. Try and identify you favorites. For example, if you’re looking for a brand of camper made by Forest River they will all be grouped together. It makes searching much simpler!

Map It Out – As soon as you’re handed a map at the entry tent, find the manufacturers you want to look at. The map sections off each area for you by manufacturer so if you know who you are searching for ahead of time, things just got a whole lot easier!

Take Breaks –  It’s going to be a long day on foot, so don’t over do it! There are food and drink vendors throughout the show so make sure you take a minute to rest. This also gives a chance to regroup and look over what you’ve discovered so far.

Look For Freebies and ContestWhat’s more fun than going to a show and getting free stuff? Ton’s of vendors give away great prizes at the show. Look at us for an example, we give away a free camper! Yes, you heard me! There are also lots of other great RV accessory giveaways throughout the show, so why not enter? It could be you!

Ask QuestionsThe Hershey RV show is not only filled with knowledgeably sales people, but also manufacture reps. No one can answer you questions better than a manufacture representative who specializes in that particular RV. So make sure you ask as many questions as you can!

Weigh Your Options Fully Before You Buy It’s easy to be an impulse buyer at Hershey, which is not a bad thing for some folks, but don’t regret your decision! It’s no joke that the deals at Hershey are a bargain for sure, but don’t let yourself get overwhelmed. Take a few days to weigh your options and make the ideal purchase that works for you!

3.  Post-Purchase

Delivery Process Make sure you know where to pick up your new RV and where other post purchase activities are located. Once the show is over all the RVs leave the park and their new destinations are up to the dealer. So make sure you ask your salesman or finance manager where you post-purchase activities are taking place

Americas’s Largest RV Show or the Hershey RV Show is a trip worth making for any type of RVer. Whether you’re in the market or your browsing for fun there is something for everyone! So make the trip enjoyable and avoid being overwhelmed because RVing isn’t supposed to be stressful. 

Also, make sure you visit one of the Meyer’s displays, you can’t miss us under the big red arch! We are the exclusive dealer for Forest River, Open Range, Starcraft, Prime Time, Keystone, Grand Design, Fleetwood and American Coach products. Feel free to ask any questions or pay a visit. See ya there!

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