Tips To Keeping Your RV In Tip Top Shape For The Long Haul

Tips To Keeping Your RV In Tip Top Shape For The Long Haul

Buying an RV is not only quite the investment, but also a large responsibility. After spending a large amount of money on a RV you want to make sure it lasts you a long time. It’s your home away from home so why wouldn’t you want to take good care of it? Keeping your camper in good condition will also protect its resale value, and you’ll thank yourself when it comes time to trade up!

It may take a little bit of elbow grease and time to keep up with your RV’s maintenance, but it will be well worth it in the long run. You’ll be able to count on your rig year after year when its vacation time!

Keep up with small tasks such as cleaning your RV on a regular basis. Doing this will keep you ahead of the game! Falling behind can accumulate and your RV might quickly start to show its age.

Exterior Maintenance

  • Make sure after each season to wash the outside of your rig including the awning. If you wash it after each trip inside and out it won’t accumulate as much dirt!
  • Prevent leaks– Check for any possible water seepage in pipes, toilet, and sink.
  • Replace any water filter cartridges you removed when your RV went into winterization.
  • Closely inspect your tires– Make sure they are inflated to the right pressure. Sometimes the sun’s UV rays can create dry rot on your tires. If you notice cracks, get them inspected. It can also be beneficial to balance and rotate tires during the inspection process.
  • Inspect for cracks and gaps in seals– In windows, bad seals will cause moisture buildup and may cause your windows to fog up. Professional repair may be needed if there are cracks or gaps in seals.
  • Lubricate – Spray a common lubricant like WD-40 on locks, hinges and other metallic areas to help keep metal rust-free and working smoothly.
  • Check roof –Keep a close eye on your RV’s roof. You want to make sure there is no water damage.
  • Keep it covered– The number one thing you can do to protect your RV is keeping it covered from the weather. In addition, keeping it in an indoor storage facility like a barn or garage can increase your RV’s longevity.

Interior Maintenance Clean – detailed cleaning of your interior and drying it thoroughly will prevent the accumulation of mildew or mold. Your rig probably won’t get very dirty on just one trip, so stay ahead of the dirt and make sure you clean it properly right away.

  • Check all electrical items – lights, appliances, television/DVD player, etc.
  • Don’t neglect your batteries – Replace all old batteries like smoke alarms, flashlights and all-weather radios.
  • Check and reset circuit breakers– and check your fuses to be sure they haven’t blown.
  • Check under the hood – Make certain your air conditioning unit, filters, stabilizing jacks, oil and all fluids are in good shape.
  • Propane – Keep the propane to the professionals.
  • Generator – Check generator often and inspect filters. Run it every now and then for a few hours.
  • Winterization & De-winterization – Make sure your rig is properly winterized and de-winterized every fall and spring.

If you stay consistent with your RV maintenance you can avoid serious issues. Keep up with your RV as soon as you purchase it that way you don’t fall behind. Your RV is your second home, take care of it and it will take care of you!

All questions and help can be found at any of our locations, just give us a call!

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